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SMTP Provider

An email SMTP provider helps deliver large amounts of email from your server to the recipient's server.

An email SMTP provider is an email delivery vendor that uses Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) to send and receive email messages. Email messages traverse SMTP to relay your messages from your server to the recipient's server so that it can be delivered and read by the end recipient.

While some companies choose to set up and monitor their own SMTP server to send their email to subscribers, many are opting for a reliable SMTP provider to handle their email for them. An SMTP provider is a third party email service provider(link takes you to an external page) that will send (and ideally, deliver) your email on your behalf. This is particularly beneficial for senders who are sending large volumes of email to ensure proper handling, delivering, and monitoring of their marketing and transactional email streams.

Using an SMTP provider has many benefits. Usually, SMTP providers, like SendGrid, are experts in the field of email delivery and will take proactive steps to ensure that email sent through their system follows the email best practices preferred by the ISPs and gets delivered. Secondly, an SMTP provider can bypass certain limits placed on individual senders, such as rate limits per hour or even volume limits, which can impact the success of your campaign. Lastly, the proper affiliation with an SMTP provider can reduce the probability that your emails will be labeled as SPAM(link takes you to an external page). An SMTP provider can also mediate with the ISPs and alert you to ongoing changes in the email landscape.

Most importantly, an SMTP provider will deliver the right tools to help prevent, diagnose, and fix email delivery failures by allowing you to monitor what is going on with your email program. Email statistics such as delivery rates, response rates, and spam complaints can help you optimize your email campaigns for maximum email delivery and response. Plus, access to email deliverability experts through an SMTP provider can help supplement your team without taxing your internal resources or maintaining your own servers.

SendGrid is an SMTP provider for both transactional email(link takes you to an external page) and marketing email(link takes you to an external page). We send billions of emails per month on behalf of senders across the globe. Our service is highly scalable, trusted, and reliable, enabling thousands of customers to communicate with their users effectively, efficiently, and without fail. Avoid the negative pitfalls that can come with email delivery by using SendGrid for automated and bulk email sends.

When you become a SendGrid customer, we give you access to our SMTP servers(link takes you to an external page) so that you can send as many emails as you want. As you scale your company, we'll monitor your sending reputation and inform you of any ISP policy changes to make sure your email is delivered. Some of the tools we provide you to take your company to the next level include:

  • Custom Apps and Webhooks - No matter what you want to track, we have the ability to show you who is opening your email, where your email is most successful, and who is reporting you as spam or unsubscribing from your recipient list.
  • Industry Leading Customer Service(link takes you to an external page) - Our customer service team is capable of answering all your questions and helping you solve any problems that may arise with your email program.
  • Dedicated IPs - SendGrid allows you to take charge of your own sending reputation by giving you access to your very own IP. This means you won't be affected by the actions of other companies' sending habits.

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