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Call Forwarding with Voicemail

By Twilio

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This app will show you how to build a call forwarding app that forwards calls during a specific time window and records voicemails if calls are unanswered or outside that time window.

How it works:

  1. Call is placed to your Twilio number
  2. Your app checks the time
  3. If the time is within the defined window, it will forward the call to another phone number
  4. If it is not in the defined time window, it will record a voicemail
Launch and test this app in a few minutes with Quick Deploy. No server needed. Quick Deploy will automatically configure and deploy this app using Twilio Functions. Learn more about Twilio Functions
Step 1:Log in to Twilio
Step 2:Set up your application
This application requires a Twilio-supplied phone number to work properly.
Get a Twilio phone number
You will get a US number that is configured for this application. You can change this or port over an existing number later.International number regulations
Step 3:Deploy your application and try it out!
Deploy this application
This will use the details entered above to deploy your application to Twilio Functions. You will be able to view the application in the browser and edit it using the Functions UI. Learn more about Twilio Functions
Deploying applicationThis might take up to a minute
Success! Your application has been deployed.
Oops...something went wrong. Retry
Step 4:View and edit your application
Once deployed, any changes to the fields above will not be applied to your app. To make changes, here are two options
Refresh the page, edit customizations and re-deploy the application
Edit your customizations directly in code
Why use Quick Deploy?
No coding required to launch
Easy to edit and iterate post launch
No server management
Scales automatically
Secure by default

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