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CLI Plugins

Beyond the base commands that are already available, the Twilio CLI's functionality can be extended through plugins. You can publish your own plugins to share with the wider Twilio community, or make them private for your own—or your clients'—business workflows.



While Twilio CLI itself is generally available, each plugin has its own individual release status. Please check a plugin's documentation to learn more about its development status.

Install a plugin

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Plugins are installed using the twilio plugins command.

twilio plugins:install PLUGIN_PACKAGE_NAME

For example:

twilio plugins:install @twilio-labs/plugin-serverless

Once the plugin is installed, refer to the plugin's documentation to see what new commands are available.



If you're using autocomplete, you'll need to re-run twilio autocomplete after installing a plugin. This will rebuild the CLI's cache, and enable autocompletion for commands tied to the new plugin.

Available plugins

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Twilio Labs supports numerous plugins targeted at supporting common workflows for developers. These are just a few options:

Want to write your own plugin? This document will show you how(link takes you to an external page).

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