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Warning 14207

Product: Programmable Voice

WARNING - 14207

Enqueue: The targeted queue reached max queue size

The default max queue size is 1000 and can be set to a maximum of 5000. The targeted queue has reached its maxSize limit. Once the queue reaches the limit, new requests to queue calls using will be rejected.

Possible Causes

A full queue can indicate higher volume, longer queue times, or an incorrectly configured queue’s maxSize.

Possible Solutions

A queue’s maxSize can be adjusted to a maximum of 5000. Use the Queue API to identify the current maxSize and adjust accordingly.

If a waitUrl is provided for , the parameters MaxQueueSize and CurrentQueueSize are included in the Webhook request to the waitUrl. Your application can use this information to determine queue capacity and adjust max queue size via the API.

If the queue is already configured for the maximum allowed queue size (5000), one possible workaround is to create multiple queues and distribute the requests between them.

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