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Error 20003

ERROR - 20003

Permission Denied

You lack permission to the resource and method you requested. #### Authenticating requests to the Twilio API

All requests to sensitive areas of the Twilio API must use HTTP Basic Authentication. Authenticate using your Account SID as the username, and your Auth Token as the password. Both can be found in the Twilio Console.

You can also generate revocable API Keys to authenticate.

You may want to consider using a Twilio helper library (available in PHP, .NET, Java, Ruby, Python and Node.js) as they will take care of authentication for you.

Possible Causes

  • Using the wrong combination of Account SID and Auth Token
  • Using Test Credentials to access your Live Account
  • Using subaccount credentials to access master account
  • Previous Auth Token has been deleted
  • Attempted API Key has been deleted
  • Account is suspended or closed
  • Extra characters or spaces in the supplied credentials
  • Web proxy is stripping out credentials before forwarding to Twilio
  • Using JWT with Auth Token rather than API Key
  • Attempted API Key is for the incorrect Twilio Region

Possible Solutions

  • Verify the Account SID and Auth Token are correct
  • Verify the correct Account is being accessed
  • Ensure the Account is active, not suspended or closed
  • Ensure no extra characters or spaces are being included
  • Ensure JWT is only used with API Key
  • Ensure the API Key's Twilio Region matches the request's specified Twilio Region
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