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Error 20009

ERROR - 20009

Cannot delete this resource before it is complete

You attempted to delete a call or message resource before it was completed. If you are attempting to delete a call, wait until the call is completed and try your request again. If you are attempting to delete a message, wait several minutes and try again.

If you're seeing a message in the logs that you have already deleted, please allow up to 14 days for our systems to completely remove this record before reaching out to support.

Possible Causes

  • You requested the call or message be deleted before all of Twilio's systems finished processing it.
  • In rare cases, a message or call record may take up to 14 days to be finalized and able to be deleted.

Possible Solutions

  • If you are attempting to delete a call, verify that the call is not still in-progress.
  • If you are attempting to delete a call or message shortly after sending or receiving it, please wait at least 1 minute to make your DELETE request. If you receive this error after waiting 1 minute, wait several minutes and retry deletion again.
  • If you encounter this issue frequently even when waiting several minutes before deleting a message or a completed call, please contact Twilio support with examples of affected Call or Message SIDs.
  • For the highest level of privacy for Twilio SMS messages, apply for message redaction which can automatically redact message bodies or phone numbers immediately after a message is sent or received.
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