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Invalid Access Token signature

ERROR: 20107

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Error - 20107

Invalid Access Token signature

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The signature for the Access Token provided was invalid.

Check that your code is correctly generating signatures using the algorithm and format expected by the Twilio API.

To check whether the Access Token is structurally correct, you can use the tools available at takes you to an external page).

Access Tokens are used by multiple Twilio SDKs, including Programmable Voice, Programmable Video, and Programmable Chat. For the details of Twilio's specific Access Token implementation, see the documentation.

Possible Causes

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  • The supplied Account SID, API Key or API Secret is incorrect.
  • Ensure you're using the correct Account SID for your Live API Credentials .
  • Verify the API Key was generated for the same account as the supplied Account SID. (The API Secret is not the same as the Account Auth Token.)
  • Verify the API Secret is correct for the API Key being used and that no extra characters are included.
  • Check if the API Secret passes signature validation when used at takes you to an external page) .
  • Generate a new API Key and Secret for the Account SID and try again.

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