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Error 20404

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Not Found

The resource was not found. Here are some examples of cases that may trigger a 404 error.

  • Requesting a resource for a sid that does not exist, for example

    GET /2010-04-01/Accounts/AC123/Calls/CA123

    where CA123 is not a call sid that exists for your account

  • Trying to retrieve a resource that doesn't exist, for example

    GET /2010-04-01/Accounts/AC123/TwilioCalls/CA123

    where the resource name is Calls, not TwilioCalls. Note that the API is case sensitive, so requesting "calls" instead of "Calls" will also return a 404.

  • Missing a sid in the request path. For example, let's say I accidentally don't set a value for a call sid, using the PHP helper library:

    $callSid = null;

    This may turn into

    GET /2010-04-01/Accounts/AC123/Calls/.json

    because of the nonexistent sid, which may 404 your request or give you back a result you were not expecting. Or, you may initialize the client with an empty string for an account sid, which means the URL will get truncated in the middle (note the consecutive slashes):

    GET /2010-04-01/Accounts//Calls/CA123.json
  • Using a base URL that is not For example, making requests to or will not work.

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