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Error 21212

ERROR - 21212

Invalid From Number (caller ID)

You attempted to initiate an outbound phone call or message, but the 'From' parameter you supplied was not a valid phone number or alphanumeric sender ID.

Possible Causes

Twilio accepts phone numbers in E.164 format (i.e. "+1 format"), 10-digit US and Canadian numbers with any combination of non-digit separators, or up to 11 alphanumeric characters [a-zA-Z0-9]. The number must not be on the do-not-originate (DNO) list.

Possible Solutions

Inspect the From number: * Format the number using E.164 format * If the From address is an alphanumeric sender ID, make sure that the country where you're sending your message supports this feature by looking at the list of supported countries. * Double-check that your From number is assigned and not on the do-not-originate (DNO) list.

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