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Error 21649

Product: Phone Numbers

ERROR - 21649

Phone Number Requires a Bundle

To provision this number you must supply the Bundle with End-User information and Supporting Documents to comply with local telecom regulations.

Previously the IncomingPhoneNumbers API would let you provision the phone number without providing a Bundle, however, you are now required to pass in a BundleSid that satisfies the requirement for the phone number. This is because Twilio needs to know which Bundle containing End-User information and Supporting Documents will be assigned to the phone number to meet regulatory requirements for that country and type of phone number.

Possible Causes

  • No Bundle was provided
  • No Bundle was that satisfies the locality requirement for this phone number type
  • Depending on the country, number type, and end-user type, the regulations will be different compared to other phone numbers

Possible Solutions

  • Build a new Bundle that satisfies the regulations of the phone number.
  • Contact Twilio Support.
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