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Error 21721

Product: Programmable SMS

ERROR - 21721

Cannot import Campaign Verify token due to incompatible A2P brand

The attempt to import a Campaign Verify token to your brand failed because your A2P brand is in an incompatible state.

Possible Causes

  • Your A2P brand has a status of FAILED meaning the brand was not successfully registered
  • Your A2P brand is of type STARTER meaning it is a starter brand, not a standard brand

Possible Solutions

  • Verify if the Brand Registration SID has been registered successfully by checking the status field using the Brand API. If the brand has been registered successfully, it will have a status of APPROVED. If this is the case, try to import the token again.
  • Verify that the Brand Registration SID is of the correct type by checking the brand_type field using the Brand API. The brand should have a type of “STANDARD.” If the brand_type is STARTER, the brand does not support importing a Campaign Verify token. Once you’ve verified that you are using a standard brand, try to import the token again
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