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Warning 23004

Product: Programmable SMS

WARNING - 23004

Message Redaction Incompatible Configuration: Advanced Opt-Out

Phone Number Redaction is enabled for your account. Advanced Opt-Out is not compatible with Phone Number Redaction and should be disabled.

Possible Causes

  • You have Advanced Opt-Out enabled on your Messaging Service. Advanced Opt-Out requires Twilio to save non-redacted phone numbers of customers who have opted out, and is incompatible with Phone Number Redaction.

Possible Solutions

  • To resolve this issue, your application needs to be able to handle opt-out keyword messages from end users.
  • Users who reply STOP, STOPALL, UNSUBSCRIBE, CANCEL, END, or QUIT should be added to a block list in your application to ensure you do not send them any further messages, unless they opt-in again.
  • Users who reply HELP or INFO should be sent an informational message about your application or service.
  • Users who reply START, YES, or UNSTOP should be removed from your "STOP" block list so they can receive messages from you again.
  • Once you are ready to disable Twilio's built-in opt-out handling and process the above keywords in your own application, please contact Twilio Support through the Console or Help Center to disable all Twilio keyword handling for your account, including Advanced Opt-Out.
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