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Warning 30018

Product: Programmable SMS

WARNING - 30018

Destination carrier requires sender ID pre-registration

You sent a message (message SID: SMXXXXX) to a mobile number in a country that requires Alphanumeric Sender ID pre-registration. Our records indicate that you do not have a registered Alphanumeric Sender ID for this country. This can result in lower delivery quality.

If you are sending transactional SMS (like OTP/auth codes, account-related alerts) you should pre-register for the best possible delivery quality.

Possible Causes

  • The recipient you are sending a message to is on a network that requires alphanumeric sender ID pre-registration, and our records indicate that your sender ID is not registered.

Possible Solutions

  • If your message is marked "undelivered," your message was likely rejected by the mobile network and you will need to register an Alpha Sender ID to improve delivery to that network.
  • If your message is marked "delivered," it may have been delivered successfully. However, it is still strongly recommended to register an Alpha Sender ID for the destination country if possible.
  • Learn more about Alpha Sender ID registration requirements here.
  • Use this form to register a Sender ID for the destination country.
  • If you are sending OTP/2FA codes consider using Twilio Verify or Authy which will automatically take care of all applicable registrations.
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