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Error 30027

Product: Programmable SMS

ERROR - 30027

US A2P 10DLC - T-Mobile Daily Message Limit Reached

As part of the US A2P 10DLC initiative, T-Mobile has instituted a daily message limit. You are receiving this error code because you have reached this limit. Please note that this daily limit is based on the sum of SMS segments and MMS messages you send to T-Mobile subscribers on a 24-hour basis, and is reset daily at midnight PT. As you have consumed 100% of your limit, subsequent messages you send to T-Mobile are likely to be filtered. When filtering happens, you will start to receive 30023 error codes and must wait until midnight PT to resume message sending.

For more information on T-Mobile daily limit, please refer to T-Mobile daily message limits for long code messaging with A2P 10DLC. For more information on US A2P 10DLC, please refer to US A2P 10DLC Documentation.

Note: this error may not be accurate for certain customers such as those who have been approved of the unlimited tier via the T-Mobile Special Business Review process, those who run non-profit campaigns, and others.

Possible Causes

  • You have consumed 100% of your T-Mobile daily message limit for the day.

Possible Solutions

  • If you infrequently exceed your T-Mobile daily message limit, you can consider prioritizing messages (e.g., OTP codes over marketing materials).
  • If you frequently exceed your T-Mobile daily message limit, you may be able to increase your daily limit:
  • For unregistered customers, please consider registering in the Twilio Console - Trust Hub.
  • For registered customers, if you need to send more than 200,000 message segments to T-Mobile per day, please consider submitting a Special Business Review.
  • Other useful links:
  • To view the warning and errors, please visit the debugger.
  • To view your daily T-Mobile message limit, please visit Trust Hub - A2P Messaging.
  • To view your daily T-Mobile usage, please use the Messaging Insights tool.
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