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Error 30032

Product: Programmable SMS

ERROR - 30032

Toll-Free Number Has Not Been Verified

Toll-Free Verification Required. You sent a message (message SID: SMXXXXX) from a Toll-Free number to a mobile subscriber in USA or Canada. Twilio requires all Toll-Free numbers to go through a verification process. The Toll-Free number you sent from has not been verified through the required verification process.

Possible Causes

*Your toll-free number has not been Verified to allow sending of traffic in USA and Canada.

*Your toll-free verification submission was rejected.

Possible Solutions

Please refer to this Support Article for the process to get your Toll Free number verified.

Effective Nov 8th, 2023, messages on restricted toll-free phone numbers are blocked. Effective Jan 31st, 2024, messages on pending toll-free phone numbers are blocked.

Toll-Free best practices can be found here

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