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Error 30032

Product: Programmable SMS

ERROR - 30032

Toll-Free Number Has Not Been Verified

Toll-Free Verification Required. You sent a message (message SID: SMXXXXX) from a Toll-Free number to a mobile subscriber in USA or Canada. Twilio requires all Toll-Free numbers to go through a verification process. The Toll-Free number you sent from has not been verified through the required verification process.

Possible Causes

*Your toll-free number has not been Verified to allow sending of traffic in USA and Canada.

*Your message content is being flagged as SPAM on an unverified Toll-Free number.

*Your toll-free verification request was rejected.

Possible Solutions

Please refer to this Support Article for the process to get your Toll Free number verified.

Starting May 16, 2022, any newly-purchased Toll-Free number on Twilio will need to be verified or it may experience service interruptions. Customers with existing Toll-Free numbers already on their accounts have until September 30, 2022 to verify those numbers.

Toll-Free best practices can be found here

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