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Toll-Free phone number verification rejection - Content Violation

ERROR: 30441

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The Toll-Free phone number verification submission has been reviewed and it was rejected. Messaging traffic on this Toll-Free phone number is blocked.

Possible Causes

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The toll-free phone number cannot be verified because the submission indicated that the business was part of a prohibited SHAFT category or the content was potentially sending SHAFT material.

SHAFT (Sex, Hate, Alcohol, Firearms, Tobacco/Vape) and Marijuana/CBD are prohibited categories.

See Forbidden message categories(link takes you to an external page) for more information on use cases and content.

See Toll-Free best practices(link takes you to an external page) for resources on how to implement Toll-Free messaging.

See what happens to traffic(link takes you to an external page) if a Toll-Free verification is rejected

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