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Toll-Free phone number verification rejection - Age Gate

ERROR: 30448

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The Toll-Free phone number verification submission has been reviewed and it was rejected. Effective Jan 31st, 2024, messaging traffic on this Toll-Free number is blocked until it's verified.

Verification is one component of ensuring A2P SMS is used by businesses in a legal and compliant manner. The review process looks at the business sending messaging (not the software powering it), the use case, sample content, the web presence, the opt-in/consent collected and associated website terms and privacy policies.

Possible Causes

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The Toll-Free phone number cannot be verified because an Age Gate is not present or is not acceptable on your website and/or opt-in policy.

  • Add a robust age gate to your website or opt-in policy. Resubmit the toll free verification with the updated age gate information.

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