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Toll Free verification rejection - URL issues in sample message

ERROR: 30449

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The Toll-Free phone number verification submission has been reviewed and it was rejected. Effective Jan 31st, 2024, messaging traffic on this Toll-Free number is blocked until it's verified.

Verification is one component of ensuring A2P SMS is used by businesses in a legal and compliant manner. The review process looks at the business sending messaging (not the software powering it), the use case, sample content, the web presence, the opt-in/consent collected and associated website terms and privacy policies.

Possible Causes

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The toll-free phone number cannot be verified because the website URL in the sample message that you submitted was either from a public URL shortener or is non-secure.

Links to websites embedded within a message cannot conceal or obscure the Message Sender's identity and are not intended to cause harm or deceive Consumers. A website URL used in messaging must be a dedicated custom domain that belongs to your business, not a free shared public link shortener.The domain must align with the message sender identified in the text message itself. Web addresses contained in messages as well as any websites to which they redirect should unambiguously identify the website owner (i.e., a person or legally registered business entity) and include contact information, such as a postal mailing address.

  • Replace call to action (CTA) in sample message with a branded URL. Resubmit the toll free verification with an updated sample message.
  • Ensure that any URL's sent in messages are not sent from a public URL shortener.
  • Consider utilizing Twilio's Link Shortening to programmatically shorten long links with your own company branded domain.

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