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Error 30450

Product: Programmable SMS

ERROR - 30450

Message delivery blocked

The destination number you are trying to reach is temporarily blocked from receiving this message.

Possible Causes

This is because the SMS Pumping Protection feature has identified potential fraudulent messages being sent to the destination you are trying to reach.

A temporary block on SMS traffic has been placed for the next 15-30 mins on the phone number you used. This block will be lifted at the end of this 15-30 minutes period. If further fraudulent activity is detected after this block, this pattern will continue with temporary 15-30 minutes blocks until the issue is no longer observed.

Possible Solutions

You do not need to take any specific action. The block is temporary and will resolve in 15-30 minutes if we do not detect additional fraudulent activity.

Continued issues with error 30450

Twilio's support team can help investigate what went wrong with delivering your message. Please collect 3 or more message SIDs in your SMS logs from the last 24 hours that were flagged with Error 30450, and open a support request.

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