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Error 30895

Product: Programmable Messaging

ERROR - 30895

Campaign vetting rejection - Direct Lending - Campaign and Content Attribute Error

The campaign cannot be approved because it appears to be associated with direct lending or loan arrangement, and the necessary content attribute was not indicated

Possible Causes

The campaign may involve direct lending or loan arrangements, and this was not accurately reflected in the content attribute during registration.

Possible Solutions

  1. Verify Direct Lending Indicated in Campaign Description: If the campaign involves direct lending or loan arrangement or is associated with a financial services organization, ensure "DIRECT LENDING" is mentioned in campaign description. Please mention this even if the specified campaign use case does not directly relate to loan offering (e.g. 2FA).
  2. Update Campaign Description if Needed: If the campaign is not related to direct lending or loan arrangement, update the campaign description to reflect the actual content and purpose. If the campaign is related to a financial services organization, update the campaign descripton to contain "DIRECT LENDING".

Once you have made a change to address the issue, please resubmit the campaign for review.

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