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Campaign vetting rejection - Opt-in Error

ERROR: 30896

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The campaign submission has been reviewed and it was rejected because of provided Opt-in information.

Possible Causes

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  • Opt-in message workflow does not meet the requirements for the specific campaign type.
  • Consent is required but not adequately provided or maintained.
  • Opt-in information is shared with third-party entities.
  1. Ensure compliance with Twilio Messaging Policy relating to opt-in
  2. Detail All Opt-in Methods: Include all methods of opt-in, whether electronic, paper form, in-person verbal opt-in, or other means.
  3. Provide Necessary Links and Documentation: If opt-in is collected through a paper form or behind a login, supply a hosted link to an image of the opt-in. If the opt-in occurs on a website, provide the relevant link.
  4. Include Privacy Policy and Terms of Service: The website where opt-in occurs must contain a privacy policy and terms of service.
  5. Avoid Third-Party Sharing: Make sure that opt-in information is not shared with unauthorized third parties.
  6. Ensure Opt-in is Verifable: Each campaign is manually reviewed and needs to be verifable by a human.

Once you have made a change to address the issue, please resubmit the campaign for review.

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