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Error 32221

Product: Programmable Voice

ERROR - 32221

Dialing SIP Endpoint failure - No devices registered in specified edge

Twilio was unable to dial the specified SIP Endpoint. While the user did have at least one device registered, no devices were registered through the edge location specified in the URI.

Possible Causes

  • You are trying to migrate from us1-only or us1-ix-only SIP registration and have configured some devices to register through other edges, but you are still using edge-specific URIs (e.g. when placing calls in your application.
  • If you only intend to use the us1 or us1-ix edges, you may have SIP devices unexpectedly registering through another edge. Check the domain name and outbound proxy settings on your client devices.

Possible Solutions

  • If you want to take advantage of new global SIP registration features, including the ability to dial any registered endpoint regardless of the edge through which it registered, update your TwiML or REST API app to use your SIP domain’s global URI, e.g
  • If SIP devices are registering through an edge you did not intend, either re-configure these devices to register through the desired edge, or turn off the SIP Registration functionality in your device settings if the registration behavior is not needed.
  • To troubleshoot, you can verify if a SIP Endpoint has registered by using the Console "Registered SIP Endpoints" tab found on the SIP Domains page.
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