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Error 40145

Product: TaskRouter

Error - 40145

Call API Error - Conference Instruction

Possible Causes

  • Un-routable address provided for 'to' field.
  • Invalid caller-id passed to 'from' field.
  • Missing 'room_name' field.
  • Internal Twilio API error.

Possible Solutions

  • Make certain 'to' contains a routable phone number, client URI or SIP URI.
  • Make certain 'to' is to a country you have permissions set to call.
  • Make certain 'from' contains an acceptable caller ID for the chosen 'to' address.
  • Make certain 'room_name' is a valid Conference Room Name.


    "instruction": "conference",
    "room_name": "abc",
    "to": "client:alice",
    "from": "18001234567",
    "post_work_activity_sid": "WA0123456789abcdef0123456789abcdef"
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