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Error 50385

Product: Programmable Chat

ERROR - 50385

Conversations are disabled in this region

Conversations API is not supported in this Twilio region Conversations features do not function in the region you've selected. The API will return this error to indicate that, preventing further activity.

Possible Causes

  • You may be using a Programmable Chat service that in the ie1 region (at While Conversations is backwards compatible with Chat in other respects, the product presently works only in the default region (US East).
  • You may have inadvertently specified a region (other than the default) in your Conversations SDKs.

Possible Solutions

If you need access to Conversations hosted in a Twilio datacenter outside the US, please reach out to Twilio Support through the Console or Help Center so we can prioritize it accordingly. In the meantime, use the default Twilio URLs (e.g.

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