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Conflicting channel modification

ERROR: 50449

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The requested channel is already being added or removed from this service instance concurrently with another API request. The last request will be rejected to avoid inconsistent state.

Possible Causes

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  • You might be adding a new channel to the service instance while the channel with the same unique name is being removed from another thread.
  • You might be submitting multiple concurrent requests to add a channel with the same unique name to the service instance.
  • You might be submitting multiple concurrent requests to delete the same channel by SID or unique name from the service instance.
  • Implement an operation retrier and repeat the failed channel API requests after an interval of time, using an exponential backoff algorithm.
  • Review your application logic that caused the race condition when adding or removing users. Perhaps the conflicting operations are happening in a loop that could be avoided.
  • Serialize your API requests that add or remove channels. Wait until the original request completes and returns an API response, before sending any successive channel requests.

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