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Error 52002

Product: Notifications

Error - 52002

Invalid Credential Sid

In order to send push notifications to iOS and Android devices you need to configure a Credential that allows Twilio to send notifications to your app.

You can configure these at different places depending on which Twilio product you use:

  • Chat: Configure in access token
  • Notify: Configure default Credential in Notify Service or Binding specific one in Binding
  • Voice SDK: Configure in access token

Possible Causes

  • Credential SID is not configured correctly

Possible Solutions

  • If using Chat include Credential SID in access token. Check out this guide
  • If using Notify, either configure default Credential SID in your Service or provide the Credential SID in the Create Binding request
  • If using Voice SDK, include Credential SID in access token. Check out our documentation for details
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