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Media connection failed or Media activity ceased

ERROR: 53405

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Raised by the Client or Server whenever a media connection fails or raised by the Client whenever it detects that media has stopped flowing.

Possible Causes

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  • The Client was unable to establish a media connection.
  • A media connection which was active failed liveliness checks.
  • The flow of media on the connection has ceased.
  • The Participant declined permission to use the local network in a Peer to Peer Room.
  • If the problem persists in a Group Room, try connecting to another region.
  • Check your Client's network connectivity.
  • Ensure that Network Traversal Service is enabled for your Configuration Profile and/or Room.
  • If you've provided custom ICE Servers then ensure that the URLs and credentials are valid.
  • Select LocalNetworkPrivacyPolicy.blockAll on iOS 14+ unless you have permission to use the local network.

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