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Error 54007

Product: Sync

Error - 54007

Sync: Access forbidden for identity

The identity specified in the Access Token does not have permissions to perform this operation.

Possible Causes

  • Sync's ACL control has been unintentionally enabled on your Sync service instance.
  • An SDK endpoint trying to read or write a Sync object does not have the correct permission configured.
  • The identity you specified in your SDK's token does not match the permissions that you intended for them.

Possible Solutions

  • Disable the ACL feature on this Sync service. This will allow access from any SDK with a valid token. Do this by either unchecking the AclEnabled feature in the Twilio Console, or setting the acl_enabled flag to false via the Sync REST API.
  • Confirm a valid permission is configured via the Sync Permissions REST API, and that the configured identity matches the identity you provide in your FPA Access Tokens.
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