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Error 54103

Product: Sync

Error - 54103

Sync: Document revision mismatch

The actual revision of the Document does not match the expected revision.

Possible Causes

  • Your update to this Sync Document has conflicted with a request submitted elsewhere.
  • The value specified in the If-Match header is erroneous.

Possible Solutions

If your update conflicts with a concurrent update elsewhere, the correct solution is to read the latest revision (on the client SDK: wait for an update) and then re-attempt your update until you succeed. Consider that, since the data has changed, you may not want to submit the exact same update a second time. On the JavaScript SDK, we suggest using the mutate convenience function.

The value you provide in the If-Match header should be a revision assigned by the Sync service when interacting with an object.

  • In SDKs, this is the revision field, part of the object descriptor.
  • When using REST (e.g. via the Twilio Helper libraries) this is the ETag header provided in responses.
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