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Invalid Request

ERROR: 60306

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The request is invalid.

HTTP status: 400

Possible Causes

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One or more parameters are in an invalid format:

  • Invalid AccountSid .
  • Invalid ServiceSid .
  • Invalid Identity .
  • Invalid Factor parameters: Invalid FriendlyName , Binding , etc.
  • Invalid AuthPayload when verifying a factor or challenge.
  • Invalid FactorSid .
  • Invalid list parameters: Invalid Page , PageSize or PageToken .
  • Invalid Challenge parameters: Invalid FactorSid , ExpirationDate , Details or HiddenDetails .
  • Invalid ChallengeSid .
  • Invalid Factor configuration.
  • Invalid JWT .
  • Invalid Webhooks parameters: Invalid EventTypes

Review the parameters you are passing from the list above and try again. Accepted parameters are detailed in the API reference(link takes you to an external page).

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