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Error 80802

Product: Proxy

ERROR - 80802

Simultaneous requests to create the same Identifier in one or more Sessions

Possible duplicate Participant created in multiple Sessions. Multiple requests to the create-participant endpoint with the same identifier were made simultaneously or very close in time. This can result in the same proxy-identifier being assigned, causing Participants with the same Identifier/ProxyIdentifier pair to be active in multiple Sessions. This can result in calls and messages from affected Participants being routed to unintended recipients.

Possible Causes

Multiple requests to the create-participant endpoint with the same identifier were made simultaneously or very close in time.

Possible Solutions

  1. If you are trying to add the same person to multiple Sessions, make the requests sequentially.

  2. Request that the ProxyAllowParticipantConflict flag be removed from your account. Proxy will reject requests that could result in having multiple Participants in active sessions with the same Identifier/ProxyIdentifier pair. In this case, Session create or Participant create, Proxy will return a 409 status code. You can retry the failed request after the previous (conflicting) request has completed. However, in order to opt-in to this behavior, the ProxyAllowParticipantConflict flag on your account must be removed*. See option 3 for details on how to opt-in to this behavior on a per-request basis if you wish to do some testing first.

  3. Include the form parameter FailOnParticipantConflict=True in your requests to Participant create (and/or Session create, if you include participant parameters) to allow Proxy to reject the request if it would result in this condition. Proxy will return a 409 (error code 80623) in this case.

*Note that this flag also impacts the behavior of the Session update endpoint, on attempting to re-open closed sessions, when those requests would result in the condition described. This endpoint would return 400 (error code 80604).

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