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Warning 81002

Product: Studio

WARNING - 81002

Unexpected event while processing Widget

An unexpected event was received while processing a widget. Studio ignored this event and did not transition to another widget because there was no matching transition available to handle the event.

Note: If the Execution ended correctly, this warning can be ignored.

Possible Causes

  • A new call, message, or REST API Execution was initiated for a contact address (e.g. phone number) that already has an active Execution.
  • An event came in while processing a widget that cannot handle that event (e.g. incoming message received during Run Function widget).
  • A hangup for a phone call was detected while processing a widget that does not have a "Hangup" transition (e.g. HTTP Request or Send Message).
  • There was no transition that matched the received event.

Possible Solutions

  • Incoming Calls only: Enable Concurrent Calls in the Flow's Trigger widget.
  • REST API-triggered Executions: Use Studio REST API v2 to create Executions and end any that are still active for the same contact.
  • Return results for Function calls and HTTP requests quickly.
  • End any stuck Executions via Twilio Console.
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