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Warning 81018

Product: Studio

WARNING - 81018

Template evaluation error in Studio widget

An error occurred when Studio tried to evaluate your template syntax.

Possible Causes

  • The syntax used in your widget caused an error
  • An array index referenced in your widget didn't exist at execution time
  • Your Liquid curly braces are mismatched
  • You used a + character in your template
  • You have improperly assigned a variable
  • You used a non-ASCII character in a variable name
  • A tag or filter used in your template does not exist

Possible Solutions

  • Check the syntax used in your widget (See Liquid docs here)
  • Verify the runtime data of your flow execution by checking the Flow Data and inspecting any variables you may have referenced
  • Verify that your Liquid curly braces are matched
  • Verify that all tags and filters used in your template are correct (The list of available filters is here)
  • Use only ASCII characters in variable names
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