Flex-Salesforce Integration Release Notes

September 28, 2023 (v1.7.5)

There is no impact to your integration with this release. You do not need to take any action, and you will not see any changes to the way the integration works.


  • Upgraded integration to align with Salesforce AppExchange listing requirements.

Dec 13, 2022 (v1.7.3)


  • Made compatible with Flex Conversations and Flex UI 2.0

Jan 05, 2021 (v1.6.1)


  • Fixed an issue with the Softphone Panel Visibility causing Flex widget to disappear when new tasks get created

Nov 15, 2021 (v1.6.0)


  • New sfdcIncludePhoneInPopToNewRecord Screenpop Method: You can provide a new sfdcIncludePhoneInPopToNewRecord and set it to false. This will stop sending Phone information when creating a new Salesforce record.

Oct 11, 2021 (v1.5.0)


  • Bump Salesforce CTI to version 52.0

Apr 08, 2021 ( v1.4.1)


  • Click-to-dial feature now allows to start the call in an unavailable activity status

Sep 22, 2020 (v1.4.0)


  • Internal improvements to Click-to-dial feature

July 13, 2020 (v1.3.1)


Mar 16, 2020 (v1.2.1)


  • This release includes some minor internal changes to the Click-to-Dial functionality to avoid any overlap and clashing of this functionality with any other outbound tasks plug-ins, like the Experimental Dialpad features. Additional checks are enforced in the click to dial implementation to avoid this overlap. No functional or experience changes to the users.

Dec 17, 2019 (v1.1.1)


  • Agents using Flex Salesforce Integration will now remain on their original Salesforce screen when rejecting a task. Earlier a bug caused the Salesforce screen to be changed (screen-pop) to show details of the call, even when agents rejected the task. This was due to the "Reject Task" event also throwing "Select Task" event and hence resulting in screen pop. Going ahead, Reject Task and Hangup Call no longer triggers unexpected Screenpop on the Salesforce screen to let agents stay on the Salesforce screen they are.

Sep 20, 2019 (v1.1.0)


  • Configurable Interaction logging: You can now choose to configure your automated interaction logging - select which interactions ( task start, task complete, task switch) to log or to completely turn them all off. You can configure the interaction logging by navigating to the Configuration Screen.
  • Phone Number and Taskrouter SIDs validation: Configuration screens for Flex Salesforce Integration in the Flex Admin panel now have validations for Phone Number, Workflow SID and Task Channel SID. It means you don’t have to worry about mistakingly configure this with improper values - we will warn you right away.
  • Two new Screenpop Methods: Now you have two additional ways - you can pass either specific SFDC URLs( sfdcUrl ) or SFDC Object( sfdcObjectId) Ids as custom task attributes to dictate the ScreenPop behaviour in your Engagement flows.
    • The priority order between the 4 parameters used for search and screen pop is sfdcUrl > sfdcObjectId > sfdcSearchString >


  • Fixed extra whitespace in the CTI window introduced by Summer 19 Salesforce Release. Starting Summer 17 release, a Salesforce bug caused the bottom portion of the CTI window to be hidden behind the Utility bar. We introduced a workaround to this Salesforce bug in the Flex Salesforce Integration, which has now been removed.


  • Flex Salesforce Integration does not perform a `replaceAction` on `AcceptTask` anymore. This means that there will never be any conflicts of Flex Salesforce Integration with any other plugins in your environment.

May 15, 2019 (v1.0.5)


  • Incoming calls not displaying call acceptance controls in some some situations

April 11, 2019 (v1.0.4)


  • Prevent outbound call when an agent is in an unavialable state in Flex, but clicks on a phone number on Salesforce.

Feb 28, 2019 (v1.0.3)

Salesforce Integration is now GA


  • ScreenPop - Custom search using sfdcSearchString task attribute
  • Dual Monitor Support

Please note

The following features continue to be in Beta

  • Click to Dial (implemented via Twilio functions)
    • Caller IDs can be defined in this order: worker attribute (via SSO or direct) > default ID in Configuration Screen
    • Warning notice if number clicked while already on the call

Jan 29, 2019 (v0.3.0)


  • ScreenPop - New Objects are created when a search result is empty (Contact objects by default, other objects configurable)
  • ScreenPop - Search Objects (Contact by default, other objects configurable) and screen pop.
    • Search parameters can be dictated through task attribute – use by default
  • Context Switch - change screen views depending on which task the Agent selects
  • Click to Dial (implemented via Twilio functions)
    • Caller IDs can be defined in this order: worker attribute (via SSO or direct) > configuration file > default ID
    • Warning notice if number clicked while already on the call
  • Automatically log activities as Tasks for the above actions
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