Enable Flex UI 2.x.x on your account

This page explains how to enable Flex UI 2.x.x on your Flex application. For more information about the entire migration process, see Migrate from Flex UI 1.x.x to 2.x.x.

Enable Flex UI 2.x.x on your account

Using the Versioning and Updates page on

Flex UI 2.x.x is now in General Availability. You can install it by accessing the Versioning and updates page of your Flex app Admin Dashboard. If you are running a 1.x.x version, select 2.x.x and click Confirm. If you are on a Public Beta version of 2.x.x, install 2.x.x by clicking on the 2.x.x version link and then Install. Your application will now be upgraded to Flex UI 2.x.x.

Using the Configuration service API

To change the ui_version and reset your ui_dependencies, you can make the following curl request. Change the version number in this curl request (2.x.x) to the current version number that you’re migrating to. You can retrieve your account SID and auth token from the Twilio Console.

curl --request POST \
 --url \
 --header 'accountsid: ACXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX' \
 --header 'content-type: application/json' \
 --header 'i-twilio-auth-account: ACXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX' \
 --data '{
   "ui_version": "~2.x.x",
   "ui_dependencies": {}

Self-hosted Flex

You can install Flex UI 2.x.x via yarn or npm:

yarn add @twilio/flex-ui@^2
npm install @twilio/flex-ui@^2

Refer to Upgraded dependencies if you run into compatibility issues which you will need to resolve.

Using the flex-ui-sample package

If you want to use or are using the flex-ui-sample package for bootstrapping your project, make sure to pull the latest from the main branch of the flex-ui sample repo which requires the @twilio/flex-ui@^2 package. We have also bumped React to version 17 to satisfy the Flex 2.x requirements. This means that on any existing project, you have to resolve compatibility issues in your code should they occur.

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