Order notifications

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Order notifications give businesses the ability to inform customers of the status of their order, which could include confirmations, pricing adjustments, delays in fulfillment, or delivery scheduling.

One of the most popular methods that businesses use to send notifications is via text messaging as it’s simply the fastest and most reliable way to notify and interact with their customers in real-time. By integrating SMS notifications within their CRM, businesses are able to automatically inform their customers of the status of an order.

Whether you are an ecommerce retailer or local pizza shop, informing customers of an upcoming order via text-based messaging enhances the business/customer relationship. Dell, for example, keeps customers informed of the status of their Dell.com purchases, including order, payment, and shipping information, using SMS alerts. DoorDash, a restaurant-to-table food delivery service, uses SMS to take the order, notify the customer that their dinner prep is in progress, and keep them in the loop concerning delivery.

Order notifications, like all notifications sent using text and voice messaging, receive attention more quickly than email and other mediums. And best of all, businesses typically receive customer replies in real-time. This enables companies to automate customer communications while delivering a first-rate customer experience.

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