Call Attribution

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Call Attribution is a way to track calls by tying phone numbers to data from an ad source, such as keywords, sessions or campaigns. It provides visibility into digital campaigns and allows accurate measurement of marketing return on investment (RoI).

Understanding Call Attribution

Call Attribution is a form of conversion tracking technology that performance marketers use to determin which online channels generate the most customer calls. Call attribution can provide the same level of insight for call conversions that tools like Google Analytics and Mixpanel provide for digital campaigns.

How Call Attribution works

Call Attribution works by tying a unique phone number to each channel, a technology also known as dynamic number insertion (DNI). DNI basically uses a snippet of JavaScript which sets the phone number shown by an ad or webpage by taking one from a pool of local, international or toll-free trackable phone numbers. This allows marketing agencies like Scorpion to tie phone leads back to the ads, campaigns or keywords that were used to generate each specific engagement.

Marketers can attribute calls at the campaign, keyword or visitor level. Call Attribution captures profile data once an online user calls the number on a landing page or ad. This data can then be integrated with other marketing software to provide a full picture of what happens online and offline to help drive higher quality conversions.

Call Attribution at the visitor level

Call Attribution for marketing optimization

By using Call Attribution, marketing teams can better choose how to allocate their marketing spend. It gives them the data they need to focus on the ads and keywords that are driving the most calls. This can help increase revenue while reducing the cost per acquisition (CPA). Call Attribution can also demonstrate the value of an online directory or listings website by generating more qualified leads for professionals. Bridging online behavior to offline conversions also helps marketers optimize overall performance by concentrating marketing efforts on campaigns that bring tangible business results.

Call Tracking Building Blocks

What Next?

To find out more about how you can implement call attribution, watch this demo. For a crash course in managing and attributing numbers, take a look at Number Management 101 and follow up Number Management 102.

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