Long Code

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A long code number is a standard phone number used to send and receive voice calls and SMS messages. Phone numbers are typically called “long codes” (10-digit numbers in many countries) when comparing them with SMS short codes (5-6 digit numbers).

For example compare the following numbers in national and E.164 formats.

Number Type
894546 Short Code (spells “TWILIO”)
(415) 555-2671 US long code National
+14155552671 US long code E.164
020 7183 8750 UK long code National
+442071838750 UK long code E.164

Twilio allows you to get long codes numbers on-demand for local, national, mobile, and toll-free in 50+ countries. You can programmatically search for available phone numbers via API and purchase numbers via API. Or log in to find and purchase phone numbers via the Twilio Console.

Short codes are carrier approved to send A2P SMS and thus require carrier approval (typically an 8-12 week process). Twilio manages the carrier approval process for you for US, UK, and Canadian short codes.

For more information see what is the difference between short codes and long codes?

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