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Firebase Extensions

This is a Twilio Labs project

This means this project is 100% open-source. You can find its source code in the Twilio Labs GitHub organization.

We currently don't support the projects through our official support channels. But you are welcome to reach out to us on GitHub for any questions, issues or suggestions or to contribute to this project.

Learn more about Twilio Labs.

What are Firebase Extensions?

Firebase Extensions are pre-packaged solutions that help you deploy functionality to your Firebase application. Twilio has partnered with Firebase to build and publish Firebase Extensions that make integrating Twilio functionality into your Firebase application quick and easy.

Twilio's Firebase Extensions

The following extensions are currently available.

Send Messages with Twilio

Install Extension

Sends a message using the Twilio API based on the contents of a document written to a specified Cloud Firestore collection.

Check out the documentation to learn more.

Sync Contacts with SendGrid

Install Extension

Keeps a Firestore collection of contact data synced with a SendGrid Marketing Campaign contacts list

Check out the documentation to learn more.

Send Abandoned Cart Reminders with SendGrid

Install Extension

Watches a cart collection keeping track of the last updated time of a cart object. When it is over a certain period, send the user an email based on a SendGrid Dynamic Template.

Check out the documentation to learn more.

Questions? Issues?

All of our Firebase Extensions are part of Twilio Labs and 100% open source on our GitHub. If you encounter any issues with the extensions or have questions, please head over to GitHub and open an issue and we'll try to help you as soon as possible.

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