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Stream Message Resource

A Stream Message is a JSON message tht can be sent at a high rate to an elastic group of subscribers.

  • Messages are ephemeral - they can be published (created), but they cannot be queried, updated or deleted
  • The maximum Message payload size as serialized JSON is 4KB.
  • The maximum Message publishing rate per Stream is 30 per second.
  • Message delivery to remote endpoints is not guaranteed.
  • Messages may be received by remote endpoints in a different order than they were published.

Stream Message properties

Resource Properties in REST API format
sid<TZ> Not PII

The unique string that we created to identify the Stream Message resource.


An arbitrary, schema-less object that contains the Stream Message body. Can be up to 4KB in length.

Create a Stream Message resource


Publishes a new message to the Stream. The message contains an arbitrary JSON object that is serialized and percent-encoded as a POST parameter.

Parameters in REST API format
post sid_like<IS> Not PII

The SID of the Sync Service to create the new Stream Message in.

post sid_like<TO> Not PII

The SID of the Sync Stream to create the new Stream Message resource for.

post object PII MTL: 0 DAYS

A JSON string that represents an arbitrary, schema-less object that makes up the Stream Message body. Can be up to 4KB in length.

Example 1
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