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Error 30010

Product: Programmable SMS

ERROR - 30010

Message price exceeds max price

## Error - 30010

Message price exceeds Max Price

You provided the MaxPrice parameter in your API request. MaxPrice will prevent a message from sending if it exceeds the price you specified.

Please note that SMS pricing is per-segment. SMS messages longer than 160 characters (or longer than 70 characters, if emojis or special characters are used) will require multiple segments. For a detailed explanation of message segmentation and encoding, see What the Heck is a Segment?.

Possible Causes

  • The message price exceeded the MaxPrice you specified in your API request.

Possible Solutions

  • Increase the MaxPrice parameter value in your API requests.
  • Remove the MaxPrice parameter from your API requests.
  • Check your message body for any Unicode-only characters such as emojis, glyphs, or curly apostrophes or quotation marks which could cause the message to require additional segments.
  • Consider using the Smart Encoding feature of Messaging Services to automatically replace certain Unicode-only characters with standard GSM equivalents.
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