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List of characters replaced by Smart Encoding

The following table is a list of characters that are replaced by the Smart Encoding feature of Twilio Messaging Services:

Unicode CharacterGlyphDescriptionTransliterated Character
U+00AB«left-pointing double angle quotation mark"
U+00BB»right-pointing double angle quotation mark"
U+201C"left double quotation mark"
U+201D"right double quotation mark"
U+02BAʺmodifier letter double prime"
U+02EEˮmodifier letter double apostrophe"
U+201Fdouble high-reversed-9 quotation mark"
U+275Dheavy double turned comma quotation mark ornament"
U+275Eheavy double comma quotation mark ornament"
U+301Dreversed double prime quotation mark"
U+301Edouble prime quotation mark"
U+FF02fullwidth quotation mark"
U+2018'left single quotation mark'
U+2019'right single quotation mark'
U+02BBʻmodifier letter turned comma'
U+02C8ˈmodifier letter vertical line'
U+02BCʼmodifier letter apostrophe'
U+02BDʽmodifier letter reversed comma'
U+02B9ʹmodifier letter prime'
U+201Bsingle high-reversed-9 quotation mark'
U+FF07fullwidth apostrophe'
U+00B4´acute accent'
U+02CAˊmodifier letter acute accent'
U+0060`grave accent'
U+02CBˋmodifier letter grave accent'
U+275Bheavy single turned comma quotation mark ornament'
U+275Cheavy single comma quotation mark ornament'
U+0313̓combining comma above'
U+0314̔combining reversed comma above'
U+FE10presentation form for vertical comma'
U+FE11presentation form for vertical ideographic comma'
U+00F7÷division sign/
U+00BC¼vulgar fraction one quarter1/4
U+00BD½vulgar fraction one half1/2
U+00BE¾vulgar fraction three quarters3/4
U+29F8big solidus/
U+0337̷combining short solidus overlay/
U+0338̸combining long solidus overlay/
U+2044fraction slash/
U+2215division slash/
U+FF0Ffullwidth solidus/
U+29F9big reverse solidus\
U+29F5reverse solidus operator\
U+20E5combining reverse solidus overlay\
U+FE68small reverse solidus\
U+FF3Cfullwidth reverse solidus\
U+0332̲combining low line_
U+FF3F_fullwidth low line_
U+20D2combining long vertical line overlay|
U+20D3combining short vertical line overlay|
U+FF5Cfullwidth vertical line|
U+23B8left vertical box line|
U+23B9right vertical box line|
U+23D0vertical line extension|
U+239Cleft parenthesis extension|
U+239Fright parenthesis extension|
U+23BChorizontal scan line-7-
U+23BDhorizontal scan line-9-
U+2015horizontal bar-
U+FE63small hyphen-minus-
U+FF0Dfullwidth hyphen-minus-
U+2043hyphen bullet-
U+FE6Bsmall commercial at sign@
U+FF20fullwidth commercial at sign@
U+FE69small dollar sign$
U+FF04fullwidth dollar sign$
U+01C3ǃlatin letter retroflex click!
U+FE15presentation form for vertical exclamation mark!
U+FE57small exclamation mark!
U+FF01fullwidth exclamation mark!
U+FE5Fsmall number sign#
U+FF03fullwidth number sign#
U+FE6Asmall percent sign%
U+FF05fullwidth percent sign%
U+FE60small ampersand&
U+FF06fullwidth ampersand&
U+201Asingle low-9 quotation mark,
U+0326̦combining comma below,
U+FE50small comma,
U+3001ideographic comma,
U+FE51small ideographic comma,
U+FF0Cfullwidth comma,
U+FF64halfwidth ideographic comma,
U+2768medium left parenthesis ornament(
U+276Amedium flattened left parenthesis ornament(
U+FE59small left parenthesis(
U+FF08fullwidth left parenthesis(
U+27EEmathematical left flattened parenthesis(
U+2985left white parenthesis(
U+2769medium right parenthesis ornament)
U+276Bmedium flattened right parenthesis ornament)
U+FE5Asmall right parenthesis)
U+FF09fullwidth right parenthesis)
U+27EFmathematical right flattened parenthesis)
U+2986right white parenthesis)
U+204Elow asterisk*
U+2217asterisk operator*
U+229Bcircled asterisk operator*
U+2722four teardrop-spoked asterisk*
U+2723four balloon-spoked asterisk*
U+2724heavy four balloon-spoked asterisk*
U+2725four club-spoked asterisk*
U+2731heavy asterisk*
U+2732open centre asterisk*
U+2733eight spoked asterisk*
U+273Asixteen pointed asterisk*
U+273Bteardrop-spoked asterisk*
U+273Copen centre teardrop-spoked asterisk*
U+273Dheavy teardrop-spoked asterisk*
U+2743heavy teardrop-spoked pinwheel asterisk*
U+2749balloon-spoked asterisk*
U+274Aeight teardrop-spoked propeller asterisk*
U+274Bheavy eight teardrop-spoked propeller asterisk*
U+29C6squared asterisk*
U+FE61small asterisk*
U+FF0Afullwidth asterisk*
U+02D6˖modifier letter plus sign+
U+FE62small plus sign+
U+FF0Bfullwidth plus sign+
U+3002ideographic full stop.
U+FE52small full stop.
U+FF0Efullwidth full stop.
U+FF61halfwidth ideographic full stop.
U+FF10fullwidth digit zero0
U+FF11fullwidth digit one1
U+FF12fullwidth digit two2
U+FF13fullwidth digit three3
U+FF14fullwidth digit four4
U+FF15fullwidth digit five5
U+FF16fullwidth digit six6
U+FF17fullwidth digit seven7
U+FF18fullwidth digit eight8
U+FF19fullwidth digit nine9
U+02D0ːmodifier letter triangular colon:
U+02F8˸modifier letter raised colon:
U+2982z notation type colon:
U+A789modifier letter colon:
U+FE13presentation form for vertical colon:
U+FF1Afullwidth colon:
U+204Freversed semicolon;
U+FE14presentation form for vertical semicolon;
U+FE54small semicolon;
U+FF1Bfullwidth semicolon;
U+FE64small less-than sign<
U+FF1Cfullwidth less-than sign<
U+0347͇combining equals sign below=
U+A78Amodifier letter short equals sign=
U+FE66small equals sign=
U+FF1Dfullwidth equals sign=
U+FE65small greater-than sign>
U+FF1Efullwidth greater-than sign>
U+FE16presentation form for vertical question mark?
U+FE56small question mark?
U+FF1Ffullwidth question mark?
U+FF21fullwidth latin capital letter aA
U+1D00latin letter small capital aA
U+FF22fullwidth latin capital letter bB
U+0299ʙlatin letter small capital bB
U+FF23fullwidth latin capital letter cC
U+1D04latin letter small capital cC
U+FF24fullwidth latin capital letter dD
U+1D05latin letter small capital dD
U+FF25fullwidth latin capital letter eE
U+1D07latin letter small capital eE
U+FF26fullwidth latin capital letter fF
U+A730latin letter small capital fF
U+FF27fullwidth latin capital letter gG
U+0262ɢlatin letter small capital gG
U+FF28fullwidth latin capital letter hH
U+029Cʜlatin letter small capital hH
U+FF29fullwidth latin capital letter iI
U+026Aɪlatin letter small capital iI
U+FF2Afullwidth latin capital letter jJ
U+1D0Alatin letter small capital jJ
U+FF2Bfullwidth latin capital letter kK
U+1D0Blatin letter small capital kK
U+FF2Cfullwidth latin capital letter lL
U+029Fʟlatin letter small capital lL
U+FF2Dfullwidth latin capital letter mM
U+1D0Dlatin letter small capital mM
U+FF2Efullwidth latin capital letter nN
U+0274ɴlatin letter small capital nN
U+FF2Ffullwidth latin capital letter oO
U+1D0Flatin letter small capital oO
U+FF30fullwidth latin capital letter pP
U+1D18latin letter small capital pP
U+FF31fullwidth latin capital letter qQ
U+FF32fullwidth latin capital letter rR
U+0280ʀlatin letter small capital rR
U+FF33fullwidth latin capital letter sS
U+A731latin letter small capital sS
U+FF34fullwidth latin capital letter tT
U+1D1Blatin letter small capital tT
U+FF35fullwidth latin capital letter uU
U+1D1Clatin letter small capital uU
U+FF36fullwidth latin capital letter vV
U+1D20latin letter small capital vV
U+FF37fullwidth latin capital letter wW
U+1D21latin letter small capital wW
U+FF38fullwidth latin capital letter xX
U+FF39fullwidth latin capital letter yY
U+028Fʏlatin letter small capital yY
U+FF3Afullwidth latin capital letter zZ
U+1D22latin letter small capital zZ
U+02C6ˆmodifier letter circumflex accent^
U+0302̂combining circumflex accent^
U+FF3Efullwidth circumflex accent^
U+1DCDcombining double circumflex above^
U+2774medium left curly bracket ornament{
U+FE5Bsmall left curly bracket{
U+FF5Bfullwidth left curly bracket{
U+2775medium right curly bracket ornament}
U+FE5Csmall right curly bracket}
U+FF5Dfullwidth right curly bracket}
U+FF3Bfullwidth left square bracket[
U+FF3Dfullwidth right square bracket]
U+02DC˜small tilde~
U+02F7˷modifier letter low tilde~
U+0303̃combining tilde~
U+0330̰combining tilde below~
U+0334̴combining tilde overlay~
U+223Ctilde operator~
U+FF5Efullwidth tilde~
U+00A0no-break space'
U+2000whitespace: en quad'
U+2001whitespace: medium mathematical space
U+2002whitespace: en space
U+2003whitespace: em space
U+2004whitespace: three-per-em space
U+2005whitespace: four-per-em space
U+2006whitespace: six-per-em space
U+2007whitespace: figure space
U+2008whitespace: punctuation space
U+2009whitespace: thin space
U+200Awhitespace: hair space
U+200Bzero width space
U+202Fnarrow no-break space
U+205Fmedium mathematical space
U+3000ideographic space
U+FEFFzero width no-break space
U+008Dreverse line feed
U+0080c1 control codes
U+0090device control string
U+009Bcontrol sequence introducer
U+0009tab (7 spaces based on print statement in python interpreter)
U+0003end of text
U+0004end of transmission
U+0017end of transmission block
U+0019end of medium
U+0011device control one
U+0012device control two
U+0013device control three
U+0014device control four
U+2017double low line_
U+2014em dash-
U+2013-en dash-
U+2039single left-pointing angle quotation mark>
U+203Asingle right-pointing angle quotation mark<
U+203Cdouble exclamation mark!!
U+201Edouble low quotation mark"
U+2026horizontal ellipsis...
U+2028whitespace: line separator
U+2029whitespace: paragraph separator
U+2060word joiner

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