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Error 60200

Product: Verify

ERROR - 60200

Invalid parameter

Parameter value is incorrectly formatted or is not an accepted option. The response message contains the name of the invalid parameter.

HTTP status: 400

Example where To is the invalid parameter:

    "code": 60200,
    "message": "Invalid parameter: To",
    "more_info": "",
    "status": 400

Possible Causes

When starting a verification:

  • To parameter is incorrectly formatted or missing the leading +.
  • Channel parameter is not one of the accepted options, or you might not have access to the requested channel.

When checking a verification:

  • Code parameter is not between 4-10 numbers long.

When creating a service:

  • FriendlyName is too long (max 30 characters).

Possible Solutions

  • Use strict E.164 formatting, including the + sign, for phone numbers in the To parameter. Example: +15017122661.
  • If using the sna channel, ensure you have requested and been granted access. See SNA Overview for details.
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