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Error 60200

Product: Verify

ERROR - 60200

Invalid parameter

Parameter value is incorrectly formatted or is not an accepted option. The response message contains the name of the invalid parameter.

Example where To is the invalid parameter:

    "code": 60200,
    "message": "Invalid parameter: To",
    "more_info": "",
    "status": 400

Possible Causes

When starting a verification:

  • To parameter is incorrectly formatted or missing the leading +.
  • Channel parameter is not one of the accepted options.

When checking a verification:

  • Code parameter is not between 4-10 numbers long.

When creating a service:

  • FriendlyName is too long (max 64 characters).

Possible Solutions

  • Use strict E.164 formatting, including the + sign, for phone numbers in the To parameter. Example: +15017122661.
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