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Moving to Proxy Beta from Developer Preview

Proxy is now available in beta. If you are a customer who previously used the developer preview version of Proxy, you will need to update your code to use the new version.

There is no data migration between the preview version and the beta version. All objects must be created anew.

Changes from preview to beta

Here we've collected the largest sticking points to keep in mind when moving your application to beta from developer preview. These sections detail how to

Create a new Service using Proxy public beta

Via the API, the URL for Proxy changes.

NEW Beta version

(OLD Preview version)

In the helper libraries, the pattern is to drop the preview reference in your code.

For example, in Node.js, the code for creating a Service changes from:

New Node.js beta example
    uniqueName: 'My Awesome Service',
    callbackUrl: '',
  .then(response => {
  .catch(err => {

(Old Node.js preview code)

   friendly_name: 'My Awesome Service',

   callback_url: ''


NOTE: friendly_name is now unique_name. This is a required change in Proxy beta!
For examples in all six supported languages and cURL on how to make this change, refer to the quickstart guide.

Phone number migration

To add phone numbers to your new service, follow the steps in the updated quickstart guide. If you add phone numbers to the beta service currently attached to your developer preview service, they will move to be associated with the newly created service.

Proxy beta resource specific changes

Also note the changes for Proxy Beta on specific resources. This page details the changes you'll need to make note of while moving to beta.


See the REST resource page for Proxy Service for descriptions of the new parameter features.

Old field New field Notes
FriendlyName UniqueName Must be a unique name per service.


See the REST resource page for Proxy Session for descriptions of the new parameter features.

Old field New field Notes
StartTime DateStarted
EndTime DateEnded


See the REST resource page for Proxy Interaction for a description of Data.

Old field New field Notes
Description Data


See the REST resource page for Proxy Participant for a description of DateDeleted.

Old field New field Notes
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