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Proxy Changelog


Internal change to allow creating a Service with the same name as a recently deleted Service. Previously, this could fail with a NonUniqueServiceName error (80602).


Internal change to allow creating a Session with the same name as a recently deleted Session. Previously, this could fail with a NonUniqueSessionName error (80603).


Reverted case-insensitive matching as it affected certain deployments. Proxy will only match stop/start messages that are capitalized.


Bug Fix: Fix for handling of STOP/START messages. Messages matching standard unsubscribe/resubscribe message list (case-insensitive match) will not be forwarded. A MessageMatchedStopWord (80901) warning will be emitted to the Debugger.


Sessions Retention policy: Sessions that are closed for 90 days will be deleted. Related Participants and Interactions will also be deleted. These will not be queryable from the API or Proxy Console. It's recommended to retrieve relevant data within 90 days of the Session having been Closed, and save it outside of Twilio.


Turned on rate-limits (30 requests per second) on GET endpoints.


Added limitation of 5000 reserved phone numbers and 500 unreserved phone numbers per proxy service.


A maximum of 100 records will be returned per page for all "list" endpoints.


Added validation of callback URLs to prevent misconfiguration. Callback URLs cannot be Proxy URLs.


Added `in_use` count to the phone number instance resource. This is the number of active sessions associated with the number.


Bug Fix: Process auto-create payload from out-of-session callback if content-type is `application/json` regardless of charset specified.


Emit debugger event for Out Of Session Callback responses that are not a 200 level status code


Bug Fix: Allow inbound calls from callers whose Country information cannot be determined


Bug Fixes:

  • Past DateExpiry values not allowed on Session create.
  • If both DateExpiry and Session status in-progress specified on Session update, specified DateExpiry not dropped
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