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General Limitations and Caveats

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  • Voice Intelligence is not PCI or HIPAA compliant.
  • Encrypted recordings and recordings of PCI enabled accounts are not supported.
  • Twilio Recordings with external storage are only accepted using the MediaUrl on the Transcript creation.

  • In past pre-release documentation, the Transcripts App was called Discovery. The old name is still used in some places, such as app retrieval URLs.
  • Transcripts are indexed and available for search for 90 days.
  • Search terms are linked with the OR operator. For example, macaroni salad will match transcripts that have macaroni OR salad .

  • PII redaction is only available in en-US .
  • The following limitations apply when fetching media stored in a third-party location (specified by a MediaUrl).

  • Voice Intelligence does not perform speaker diarization on recordings. The use of mono recordings will result in lower transcription accuracy.
  • Recordings that are under two seconds in length are not transcribed.
  • Only up to two Participants can be overridden in the Channel object of the Transcript resource.
  • Voice Intelligence will only process recordings or 3rd party media that are under 3GB.

  • In past pre-release documentation, Transcription Viewer was called Annotator or Conversation Viewer. The old name is still used in some places, such as app retrieval URLs.

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