Call Tracking

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Call Tracking is a software-based performance marketing technique that generates and assigns a unique phone number to a specific advertisement or marketing campaign. Call Tracking systems then follow and analyze leads through that phone number “channel” to understand the channel’s true effectiveness and ROI or receive a commission for driving that lead.

Call Tracking lets marketers assign unique phone numbers to each product, advertisement, region, or other segment they desire and route those calls to the endpoint (typically a contact center) they designate. Call Tracking turns a phone number into a referral source that is then used to track and analyze leads. Not only does Call Tracking allow for automatic call routing to the best available agent based on lead origin, it also provides a much more accurate picture of each campaign's effectiveness, profitability, and true ROI.

Call Tracking can improve campaign effectiveness by using metadata to optimize call routing. Sales and service agents receive only the calls that originate in their region, from product pages and listings that they own, or from advertisements that are part of their campaigns. This provides useful context to calls, and can also be used to connect callers with live agents immediately, which can improve conversion rates.

Call Tracking improves forecasting and budgeting, too. Call Tracking provides visibility into the ROI of each campaign by revealing exactly which campaigns, keywords and sessions drive revenue, and which are not worth the investment. Companies can then double down on the sources that matter and cut the ones that underperform.

Twilio’s Programmable Voice APIs provide a cost-effective way to create and customize call tracking programs. Local and toll-free phone numbers can be purchased in bulk, then leads can be sent to any endpoint with Twilio’s easy to use APIs. Customers such as Trulia have used Twilio Programmable Voice APIs to drive local, qualified leads to their agents that convert 100x better than traditional lead generation programs. Read more

Not a developer? Check out these great Twilio-powered Call Tracking providers.

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