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Twilio Interconnect

Getting started with:

What is Twilio Interconnect?

Twilio Interconnect is a private connection to the Twilio cloud. Twilio Interconnect is a network of physical points of presence co-located with physical infrastructure through which our customers and partners exchange traffic among their networks. With Twilio Interconnect, you can establish physical or virtual private connections to Twilio in order to secure your communication traffic, improve quality of service, increase throughput, and ensure a more consistent network experience compared to connections via the Internet.

How to get started with Twilio Interconnect?

Get Twilio Interconnect

When to use Twilio Interconnect?

There are two primary use cases for using Twilio Interconnect: quality of service and enterprise-grade security. If you need highly consistent connectivity between your communication infrastructure and Twilio’s platform, then Twilio Interconnect is for you. Also, if you have policies (internal or external) that preclude you from sending traffic across the Internet, Twilio Interconnect will keep your communication data within secure, private networks.

Where are Twilio Interconnect Exchanges located?

You can connect to any or all of Twilio Interconnect Exchanges.

Data Center Physical Address Location
Equinix DC1 21711 Filigree Ct, Ashburn, VA 20147 Virginia, United States
Equinix SV1 11 Great Oaks Boulevard, San Jose, CA 95119 California, United States
Equinix LD8 6/7 Harbour Exchange Square, London E14 9GE, United Kingdom London, United Kingdom
Equinix FR4 Lärchenstrasse 110 Frankfurt 65933 Germany Frankfurt, Germany
Equinix SG3 26A Ayer Rajah Crescent, 139963, Singapore Singapore

What Twilio products support private connections?

Elastic SIP Trunking, Programable Voice (via SIP Interfaces), and WebRTC Client support private connections.

What private connection options are supported?

Twilio Interconnects supports four private connection options to the Twilio platform.

1. Cloud Connect: AWS

Route traffic to Twilio from your VoIP infrastructure or web apps hosted in AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) over Amazon’s private backbone network. Traffic between VPCs in the same region stays within the AWS backbone and doesn’t traverse the public Internet.

2. Cross-connect

Set up a dedicated, physical connection with Twilio. Order an Equinix cross-connect to any Twilio Exchange location from your infrastructure and enjoy up to 1 Gbps in bandwidth to Twilio platform.


Connect your private network with Twilio using your existing MPLS network to take advantage of the proven high performance that MPLS networks are known for. Twilio supports connections through the Verizon Private IP service in the United States, with support for more providers coming soon.

4. VPN

Establish a virtual point-to-point connection to Twilio with IPSec tunnels that provide the functionality, security, and management policies of a private network. All you need is an IPsec VPN gateway with access to the Internet. Note that VPN is intended for use when encryption at the application layer using SRTP/TLS is not available due to your infrastructure capabilities.

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