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Interconnect Frequently Asked Questions

What is my ASN (Autonomous System Number)?

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Ask your network administrator for your company's ASN. If you are using a public ASN, you must own it. If you don't own one, Twilio will issue a private ASN to you in the 65000 range. This will be used to configure dynamic routing using BGP (Border Gateway Protocol), between Twilio and your network.

How do I determine my bandwidth requirements?

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To estimate bandwidth, convert your maximum number of concurrent calls to required throughput in Mbps. Many of our customers found the following ratio helpful: 1 Mbps of bandwidth is roughly equal to 10 concurrent G.711 codec calls.

How do I send and receive data from my network to Twilio?

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Share IP routes for your border devices with your Twilio on-boarding contact. You'll also need to allow traffic from all Twilio IP addresses through your SBC/Firewalls.

What is needed for an IPSec tunnel?

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Any router or firewall supporting IPSec VPN should be able to establish a standards based IPSec tunnel to Twilio. You'll receive Twilio's IPSec VPN specification for IPSec Phase I and Phase II. In addition, you'll be able to reference your pre-shared key in Twilio Console(link takes you to an external page).

How can I change or decommission my Interconnect?

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You can directly make changes to the connection name and account permissions in Console. If you need to modify your bandwidth and IP routes or decommission a connection, please submit a request through Console. For all other changes, please contact support for additional assistance.

What products are compatible with Twilio Interconnect?

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  • Elastic SIP Trunking
  • Programmable Voice
  • WebRTC / Client
  • SIP Interface
  • Programmable SMS

Can I share my connection across multiple accounts?

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In order to share a connection across multiple accounts, all the accounts must be a part of the same Organization. You can enable account permissions in Console once the connection has been established.

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