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Console: Create a Primary Customer Profile



The Trust Hub Customer Profile Console is currently in Public Beta and changes will continue to be rolled out while Twilio strives to move TrustHub to GA.

Fill in your company's general information including your business name and physical address.

Customer Profiles General Information.

Create/Select Physical Business Address

createselect-physical-business-address page anchor

Add a physical business address to your customer profile. If you have a previously saved address, you will be able to select it. Or you can always create a new one.

Customer Profiles Physical Address.

After creating/selecting a physical address, you should be able to see it on the Customer Profile edit page.

Customer Profiles with Address.



If you have a US entity or an International Tax ID, use EIN to register your business profile and to avoid brand registration failures. Do not use a DUNS number.

After saving your general information, you will need to fill in the Business Information section.

Customer Profiles Business Information.

Authorized Representative

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A Primary Customer Profile requires two authorized representatives from your company whom Twilio can reach out to to confirm the business and use case. These need to be two different representatives.

Customer Profiles Authorized Representative.

Twilio provides a customized way to notify you when your Primary Customer Profile gets approved or rejected. It could be an email address or through a status callback webhook.

Customer Profiles Notification.

Always review the terms of service and privacy policy before submitting for review.

Customer Profiles Terms.

When you fill in and verify all information for your Primary Customer Profile, you can click Submit for Review. After that, if all required information has been filled in correctly, your Primary Customer Profile will move to In Review status, waiting for Twilio to review. Once your Primary Customer Profile is in review, you cannot edit it anymore.

Customer Profiles In Review.

If there is any missing or wrong information, your Primary Customer Profile will be rejected immediately and the status will be Twilio Rejected. In that case, you can still edit your information and resubmit when you're done based on the Rejection Reasons displayed in the Console.

Customer Profiles Rejected.

Your Customer Profile will get approved after Twilio vets your information. Once approved, the status will change to Twilio Approved and you cannot edit the profile anymore.

Customer Profiles Approve.

Congratulations! You've successfully created your Primary Customer Profile.

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